Kanika Studio is a small and cozy studio with a big heart. Our studio is conveniently located in Kemang, Jakarta that includes Various type of Yoga, Zumba, and Barre classes. We create a humble space where the joy, growth, health, and happiness are our priorities.

Our classes only fit with maximum of 9 capacities, so we have priorities to ensure you are always seen, always heard, and always attended to. You could getting to know your teachers personally, asked questions, have requests, and tell them if you have a personal problems with your body.

We have may options to suit you so you can make the right choice for membership. From drop-ins to monthly unlimited. Also a variety of class times, styles, and teachers. Regardless of your preferences of level of practice, we have a great way for you to live your healthy life.

We believe yoga is for everyoe, all ages, all abilities. You start your practice where you are and work from there. And practice is just that—practice.

You could also rent our studio for private sessions and other kinds of indoor activities such as other fitness exercises, small workshop for adults and kids.