Our Instructors

Sinta Purwanti Joyosumarto

Sinta took her first yoga class when she almost finished her University but it was a few years after her first experience with yoga that she began to practice regularly and since then started her yoga journey. Beginning with Ashtanga yoga, where she gained endurance and learned proper breathing. Then continued with Bikram yoga, where she learned discipline and stamina. Then practiced Hatha by the Anusara system as well as Kundalini yoga. Recently focusing her practice with Universal yoga, where alignment, breathing and awareness are essential to the practice of self-discovery and overall health.

It is during her personal practice that she gained numerous benefits therefore was inspired to share her experience with others. As a certified English teacher for children, in 2005 she took her first yoga teacher training certification in kids yoga with Dr. Jacqueline Koay, Founder of Sunyoga based in UK. A year lated received Prenatal yoga certification from Sunyoga. In 2008 took Ashtanga yoga certification, and in 2011 completed RYT 200 hours Universal yoga, certified by Andrey Lappa who is the founder of the Universal yoga system. Joining many yoga and meditation workshops locally and overseas to enhance and renew skills, Sinta continues her practice and life-long learning of yoga until today.


Paramitha Savitri

Paramitha Savitri has been doing yoga since 2004. She started doing Bikram and practices other kind of yoga like universal yoga, kundalini yoga, yin yoga and vinyasa.
Yoga has changed her life, that’s why she loves yoga. Yoga taught her to love herself more, to have compassion with others, made her stronger physically & mentally, and also built her discipline.

She’s found yoga is a safe practice for her scoliosis.
She took 200 hour teacher training with Denise Payne in 2013, Prenatal yoga training with Sun yoga in 2011, Kids yoga training with Radiant yoga in 2014, Yin yoga training with Sebastian Pucelle in 2014 .


Uci Duck Himura

Uci currenty work as a HR and yoga teacher. She started Yoga 4 years ago after several injuries from bicycle activities. Yoga helped her to be more aware with body and mind and she found peacefulness through Yoga.

She took her 50 hours teacher training with Purinawa Yoga where she learned not only about the poses but also about Art of Teaching, 30 hours Yoga Kids Teachers training at Yoga Leaf, Training Adaptive Yoga (for Differently-Abled Children), 30 hours Teacher Training Prenatal Yoga Leaf about Yoga for Healthier Pregnancy, and Gentle Birth Workshop by Step Story Telling.


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